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Anesthesia and Surgery

We provide many surgical services, ranging from routine to advanced procedures. Our team takes every precaution necessary to ensure your pet has a comfortable experience and receives the highest-quality care.

We perform a complete physical exam and recommend pre-anesthetic blood-work prior to every surgery. This ensures that it will be safe for your pet to have the procedure.

All of our patients will have an IV catheter placed and receive IV fluids before, during and after surgery to support their cardiovascular system and maintain blood pressure. In addition, appropriate pain medication is given before surgery and then continued during and after surgery to guarantee your pet has a comfortable recovery. When your pet is anesthetized, we monitor vital parameters such as: pulse and rhythm (ECG), respiratory rate, CO2, oxygen in the blood, blood pressure and body temperature.
Since body temperature decreases under anesthesia, we take extra steps necessary to make sure your pet stays warm by using a warming blanket filled with warm air and distributed around your pet.
During your pet’s recovery, a dedicated technician will stay by your pet’s side to help make them more comfortable until they have completely recovered and it is time for you to pick them up.

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