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Our Managers

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Trianna Daniel - Technician Manager

Trianna has been working in the animal field her entire life. Her experience ranges from small and large animal to exotic care and medicine. Her mother was a veterinary assistant and owned a boarding, grooming & training facility during her childhood. Her veterinary career started at the early age of 15 and she hasn't left it since!

She has been a veterinary assistant for 15 years in Georgia. Her passion is animal welfare, medicine and education. She enjoys training wild mustang horses, rescuing exotic pets, traveling, spending time outdoors, and keeping up with her daughter, Graylin. 
Their most recent additions include Marliyn Moo-nroe, a miniature highland/ zebu calf and 4 chickens named Foxy Funny Head, Zebra, Wings, and Dumbo. Her love for animals extends across all species! Her dogs Roxy, Beefcake Blue, and Buddy are loving, silly bully mixes. Her scale babies include Pete Dragon the Beardie, Krusty the Crested Gecko, Malachite the leopard gecko, Piggy the Western Hognose snake, Harley the Sand Boa, Goldy the Beta, and Nadia the Russian Tortoise. June is a 2 year old mustang that joined the herd in 2017. Her band members include Rainbow Dash, a miniature horse, Al Caponey, a  shetland pony, Kira, a miniature donkey, Sadie, Pusher, and Kachina, the tennesse walking horses. Oh! and we cant foget AppleJax. He's the sweetest nigerian goat you will ever meet! If you would love to meet some of her fur kids or family members, visit us for our annual open house in October! We love to meet new people, have fun, and make friends!

Meagan Keen - Practice Manager 


Meagan has been in the veterinary field since 2013. Starting proudly at the bottom in kennels, which is no easy feat, she climbed her way to the top bettering herself and her skills along the way, earning her first Practice Manager title in 2015. Aside from dedicating her life to the animal medical field she also manages her own life at home! Between two wild kids, cheerleading practice and football games, taking care of her own seven dogs, homemaking and finding time to go to the mud parks in her spare time with her loving husband of eight years, Duane; Meagan juggles it all. Meagan is a hard worker, dedicated to the line of work she is in, no doubt. She is passionate about animal medicine as well as being a wonderful mother, wife and friend. 

Support Staff

Kitty Snuggles

Shawn Mills


Shawn grew up with pets his whole life and turned his love for animals into a career. He started working at a local animal hospital when he was 16 years old in the kennel. He worked his way up to veterinary technician and has since, maintained his devoted career. 
In addition to being a wonderful father of two sweet little girls and 5 fur-babies, a loving husband and best friend to Dr Mills, he also teaches Krav-Maga each week. He and Dr. Mills both enjoy the Israeli military Self-defense art as a hobby together. On his spare time he enjoys American mythology, playing video games and target practice. He and Dr. Mills chose to open Mills animal hospital so they could provide the best quality veterinary care available. He is devoted to quality patient care and can't wait to meet you and your pets! 

Dog Smiles

Savanna Mitchell - Certified Veterinary Assistant

Savanna has been in the veterinary field for 6 years. She can proudly say that she graduated high school with 250+ community service hours from volunteering with dog rescues and horse farms. She committed her extra times to helping animals and received her vet assistant certificate in 2019.  She enjoys nature, reading and sleeping.  Her perfect day is one where she is snuggling next to her 2 dogs (Tinsley and Sam) while reading a nice romance novel!

Ashleigh LSU

Ashleigh McClure - Client Service Representative

After graduating early from high school, Ashleigh began to travel and search for her place in this world. She wanted somewhere that she could make an impact. Being a mother of three, making her children proud is so important. So not only teaching them about compassion towards animals, but also the humans that come along with them, is priority.


Learning the reception aspect of the veterinary industry was very important to her and just seemed right. Ashleigh believes that empathy for animal goes a long way, but also extends to helping the humans that come along with them.  She loves being one of the first faces a client sees when they enter into the clinic, letting them know that she is here for them and will do anything she can to help them.  

In Ashleigh's free time, she loves to spend time with her kids, going fishing, playing video games, shopping and enjoying her 2 Fur Babies. 

Bikers Harley

Stephanie Smitherman - Technician Assistant

Stephanie’s animal loving adventure started with caring for rescue babies at the humane society and has now recently joined the Mill’s team. She is the mother of four beautiful children with no shortage of spunky animals in her household. 

Stephanie loves long walks on the beach, sunsets on the beach, spending all day at the beach (honestly, anything with the beach), and cruising on the back of her motorcycle alongside her partner in life, James. She has a special love shopping for all things Rae Dunn and collecting crystals.

Husky Life Love

Elijah Holman - Veterinary Assistant

Elijah grew up loving animals and spending as much time as he could outdoors. Having been born Georgia local, Elijah grew up right down the road from where Mills Animal Hospital resides.


After graduating from Etowah High School in 2017, he spent some time in undergrad at Mississippi State University and KSU. He has spent the last 4 years working in the vet field, starting his first year as a Kennel Assistant before working his way to Veterinary Assistant.


In his free time Elijah loves to hike, go off-roading, camping, or anything outdoors with his husky, Sago. His favorite part about the veterinary field is being able to work with amazing people while being able to care for the pets that make all of our worlds a better place.

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Sydney Twarog - Client Service Representative

Dog Lap Loves Snuggles

Sabrina Krzeminski - Technician Assistant

Wren Song Bird Flower
Cadence Wren

Always Loved, Never Forgotten. 

Cadence was a special member of our Mills Animal Hospital Family. The loss of her was devastating to each and every one of us. 

Until we meet again, song bird. 

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